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About Us

The Crème group of companies is the home of exciting and innovative new ideas. We have pooled together our years of experience in various industries to assemble a team that specializes in thinking up, verifying, and implementing ideas that help change the world.

We have our footprints in the fashion world, online marketplaces, food and beverages, and an ever growing list of markets. The concept is to bring inventive ideas to each industry we step into and create a product or service that actually solves a problem and provides a positive online experience to our target audiences.

We love ideation and thorougly enjoy developing and executing our ideas all over the globe.

Our Projects

Keep an eye on this space for details on our latest projects.

This high fashion brand offers exclusive designs for men’s and women’s clothing. From t-shirts to backpacks, CrèmeStyles is on the cutting edge of fashion.

We use only the highest quality materials, printing, and designs to stand us apart from every other fashion brand out there.

CremeYaad is an online marketplace that focuses on the sale and purchase of regional products.

We aim to make regional products accessible to people all over North America while building a community of like-minded people who share similar backgrounds and interests.

CrèmeBeri is a new online marketing platform that seeks to provide customers with an array of products/services.

Whether through buying or selling, CrèmeBeri’s aim is to connect customers with the service they need on one platform.

CrèmeList is another marketplace concept that aims to bring together people from all different backgrounds to create a community built around the seamless and reliable exchange of goods and services.

Popular Products on CrèmeStyles

From T-shirts to backpacks, you can find the most exclusive designs at CrèmeStyles. We use only the highest quality of materials and all our designs are created by the most talented artists. Each piece of apparel is a labor of love.

Browse through our variety of men’s and women’s collections and bag yourself a piece of the fashion revolution.

Our President and CEO

Kirk-Lew Charley is a Jamaican born entrepreneur who studied Business finance and Information Technology at Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica W.I. He has over 17 years in the Banking & Finance and Hospitality Management Industry and is currently the president and CEO of the Crème Companies and CEO of LUCA Investments which is a Real Estate Firm based in the US.

Within the last 5 years Kirk has dedicated his efforts into creating and developing his own business, a Real Estate Investment firm (Luca Investments) and the Crème Companies which has been his passion for many years and now he is able to execute his dream with passion and in the process helping others to achieve their goals.

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